Web 3.0 Tools and Integration into Education

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bülent DÖŞ

  • The workshop is suitable for teachers, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students
  • Participants who want to attend the workshop should bring their laptops with them.
  • You must also have smartphones that can connect to the Internet
  • There will be practical activities in the workshop.
  • The workshop will take about 3 hours.

Workshop contents:

  • Creating animated content,
  • Digital story tools,
  • Screen video capture programs,
  • Real-time assessment tools

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Workshop Moderators: Dr. Sema SULAK & Dr. Beyza Aksu DUNYA

(Bartin University – Turkey)

Workshop purpose: The importance of measuring learning by using methods such as simulations, games, animations, experiments related to daily life experiences and digital assessment tools are emphasized in the 2023 Education Vision. In this workshop, digital measurement tools will be introduced. The usage context and practical applications will be carried out by the trainers in this workshop.



– The role of technology in measurement and assessment

– Online assessment tools

– Assessment in e-learning environments

– Digital tools in performance assessment

– Digital tools that provide professional and personal development

– Programs to be introduced during the training: QuizCV, Testmaker, Google Classroom, Edpuzzle, E-portfolio, Sakai, Seesaw, Unicheck etc.


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Workshop Moderator: Prof. Yelena Smirnova (GSBS Global Business School-Spain)


Workshop purpose: This workshop aims to provide young researchers with the main tips on how to prepare a publishable article, how to choose the right journal and how to handle manuscript rejections.



  1. How to prepare an article for a good indexed journal? Is there any standard structure to be followed?
  2. How to choose the appropriate journal?
  3. What really matters when editors make a decision?
  4. How to address comments of the reviewers?

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Workshop Leader: Assoc. Dr. Ozgul POLAT (Marmara University- Turkey)

Workshop Purpose: To gain the necessary competencies to use Mind Mapping effectively in every stage of education in order to transform the knowledge into permanent.

Target Audience: Educators at all levels.

Quota: 36 or 42 people

Workshop time: 2 hours

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Workshop leader: Assoc. Dr. Sedat SEN (Harran University Faculty of Education)

Workshop purpose: In this workshop, what is meta-analysis, its history and practice steps will be mentioned. In addition, it is aimed to provide information about statistical programs that meta-analysis applications can be done.


      1. Description of meta-analysis
      2. History of meta-analysis
      3. Practice steps of meta-analysis
      4. Meta-analysis applications
      5. Statistical software used in meta-analysis

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Effective Classroom Management Practices with Films

Workshop leader: Prof. Dr. Fatos SİLMAN (Cyprus International University)

Workshop purpose: In this workshop, an interactive discussions will be made with the attendees about some parts of the films. Analysis and evaluations will be the key part of this workshop. Especially leadership and the leadership of the teachers will be examined. 


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Learning and Teaching with Drama in Education and Theatre in Education: Basic Techniques

Workshop Leader: Prof. Dr. Ruken AKAR-VURAL (Aydin Adnan Menderes University)

Purpose: The main purpose of this workshop is to show how newspaper techniques, mythological texts, fairy tales and similar written texts, photographs, pictures and different dramatic objects can be integrated directly into the educational programs by providing direct experiences through the “Drama in Education and Theater in Education” method.  Workshops that will take place for this purpose are based on the different content areas (Mathematics, Social Studies, History, Geography, English, etc.) and different content units (phenomenon, concept, principle, process). This workshop will support the ability to provide “meaningful and permanent learning” for learners.

Workshop time: 5 hours

Quota: 25-30

Note: It is important for workshop participants to participate in clothes that they can move freely.

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Game and Gamification in Education and Educational Game Design

Workshop Leader: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yavuz SAMUR (Bahcesehir University)

Workshop Purpose: The aim of the workshop is to define the concepts of games, gamification and educational games, to explain the elements, mechanics and components that make up the games and to design educational games.

Participants: Teachers from all branches

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